Kristy Love Brooks

A lifelong performer; vocalist for The Platters; former instructor at The Art Institute of Las Vegas; Kristy created the script and music of The Soul of Rock ‘N’ Roll as part of her humanitarian goal to uplift the human spirit.

Kent Jackman

Executive Director of KJ Aquarius Productions; inspiring creativity through original theatrical productions and teaching residencies; acting credits include: the Law & Order franchises and the movie Malcolm X.

Musical Director

Singer, songwriter, musician and record producer; was part of the production and writing team for MC Hammer; awards include: Grammys, MTV, American Music, Billboard, Soul Train, and Oscar nominations.

Tshlene Henreid

Her passion for the performing arts and dance have shone internationally, from Japan, Bermuda, Scotland, North America and more. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance from Seattle's Cornish Institute of Allied Arts.


Kristy Love Brooks
As Kristy

Kristy is a talented and seasoned performer who never quite achieved stardom. She's intelligent; possesses a sense of humor; has love and empathy for humanity; appears strong but is actually vulnerable and very sensitive. Her dream to become a star remains intact.

MarQue Munday
As Diva

Diva is a member of the girl group the Sundettes, but as leader of the group she tends to dictate the other two girls with her finger snaps and "bell ringing" modus operandi. While she might seem to have a strong sense of self, at her core she feels she is better than the other girls.

Algie Jenkins
As Sweetie

Sweetie, as her name suggests, is a sweet person. Her emotional honesty and kindness is exploited by others. As a member of the the Sundettes, she is constantly hounded by its leader: Diva. Sweetie eventually puts an end to Diva's harassment without losing her sunny disposition.

Renee Davis
As Sassy

Sassy is a nice person and helpful (which is taken advantage of) within the girl group, the Sundettes. Sassy possesses a sharp tongue and is somewhat cunning and self-adsorbed. She wants to have things done her way and has ambitions of becoming the Sundettes' leader.

Rory Lance Mosley
As Tony

Tony is a handsome, charismatic, dignified man and a U.S. soldier. He was involved in a past relationship with Kristy. Tony is the ultimate gentleman: always proper, completely chivalrous, and extremely attentive. Even though Tony is in his fifties, his appearance defies his age.

EC Adams
As Romeo

Romeo is ladies man: handsome, suave, charming. Most of the time, he has a big grin of mischief. He is preoccupied with women and constantly chases after them with blind abandonment. When women become serious with Romeo, he runs away. He avoids falling in love.

Freddie B
As Frank

Frank is bi-lingual; at times he will speak Spanish. He is talented and intelligent, but also haughty, with an air of superiority. He often corrects people while acting as if he knows everything. He boasts about his Puerto Rican roots (from his mother’s side of his family).

Armondo R. Hawkins
As Chaz

Chaz is a charmer who breaths life into any party with his pranks and devilish insults which he delivers with humor. People are usually amused by Chaz's absent of malice behavior, but he does get on peoples nerves which he dismisses until the tables are turned on him.

Kent Butler
As Ben

Ben is a nice guy who endures harassment from Chaz who is constantly mocking and belittling him. Ben suffers from low self-esteem and is easily influenced; he is viewed as a pushover person. But Ben is actually quite smart, possessing a vast knowledge of historical events.

Edwin Victory
As Michael & MLK, Jr.

~ Edwin triples as announcer ~ Michael is jovial but flighty (as in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's Carlton); he's always spinning around, dancing, laughing, and bringing excitement to the dressing room and the stage. He's not taken seriously by the band, but is embraced.

Leon Gilliam
As Lucky

Lucky has a country charm and an outgoing personality. He speaks with authority but is malaprop-prone; he misuses words, as in "dance a flamingo" instead of flamenco, or "Jesus healed leopards" instead of lepers. His confidence when speaking adds to the amusement.

Kerry Fezza
Sharon Moyer
Charisse Lightfoot
DeElla Brunson
Nyann Hurst
Ashley Ramirez
Brennan Brown
Derrick Lott
Lynn Jones
Nancy Gray
Oneda Polk
Kim Russell
Dave Future
Amanda Farrar