A New Musical Debuted

~ It’s a Hit — The Soul of Rock ‘N’ Roll” ~

The Soul of Rock ‘N’ Roll is a dramatic musical (with a dash of comedy) about the origins of the music that changed the world. Within the musical, the influence that gospel, blues, jazz, and rhythm & blues had on Rock ‘N’ Roll was explored in an entertaining, educational and historical format.

The Soul of Rock ‘N’ Roll premiered on Saturday, January 18, 2020 and Sunday, January 19, 2020, during the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend celebration. Chris Wallace, co-owner of the Las Vegas Kings Arena Pro Football Team, welcomed more than 800 people who attended the two-day event with a standing room only crowd on Sunday. The comments and reviews were amazingly positive for this record breaking event in which a musical production brought in full capacity crowds into Clark County Library’s 400 seat theater on both days.

Playwright, Dr. Kristy Brooks received a “Certificate of Recognition” from the United States Congress, Susie Lee, District of Nevada, for “the Soul of Rock N Roll for sharing the story of some of the iconic songs and musicians in our country”. That certificate, the partnership with the Las Vegas–Clark County Library District, four sponsorships, along with three grants – Nevada Arts Council, Nevada Humanities and the Walmart Community Grant – that she wrote and received, demonstrates her hard work and determination to share this message with the world.

~ Be Part of Impacting Communities ~ We did it

The Soul of Rock ‘N’ Roll stands to have a lasting impact on its audiences through historical truths, debunking stereotyping, combating racism, and showing that every person is valuable.  To change the world, we must first take up the charge of changing ourselves. The more knowledge and understanding we gain, the more love we have for humanity, the more we can bring changing viewpoints, minds, hearts, souls and actions to create peace in the world and establish a brotherhood for all humanity.

Multiple themes and subplots of identifiable struggles in life were explored thru the weaving in of the rock and roll history.  Thru the thread of the life struggles of the protagonist (a rock and roller), we experienced an aspiring artist overcoming obstacles to find success; turning tragedies into blessings; faith and believing in oneself; dreams do come true: the phoenix of the underdog; how music changed the world and impacted civil rights when all races came together and danced to the same tune.

The Soul of Rock ‘N’ Roll stands to be an instrument for good by bringing about peaceful unification to all who witness the musical.  The original songs were the icing on the cake to the entertaining and historically rich content.  The historical scenes of 60’s Woodstock and the 70’s Soul Train memories served as a perfect backdrop for the musical messages and upbeat rhythms

~ A Call to Action ~ Fulfilling the Vision

The Soul of Rock ‘N’ Roll was enriching, educational, inspirational entertainment for the entire family—all ages and all cultures were enthralled, excited and uplifted by the time the curtain fell on the final act.  Audiences gained knowledge of the Civil Rights struggles. Audiences realized that there is no such thing as an insurmountable obstacle in life by witnessing the trials and tribulations of the life led by Kristy Love (the musical’s main character) as she struggled for success in her career, for love in her personal life, and by breaking barriers through her music and her love for humanity.

Kristy Love Brooks, in association with Love Star Enterprises Inc., decided that the debut performances of The Soul of Rock ‘N’ Roll would be presented as a gift to the community of Las Vegas, Nevada, where she performed for over a decade at the World-Famous Sahara Hotel and Casino on Las Vegas’s renowned Strip.

Now it is ready to begin the work fulfilling the vision to spread the messages in the play throughout the world. We will first work to perfect the stage play.  Then we will produce the film. This is a huge task, but it is one within reach. There have been challenges, but despite the obstacles, the faith and relentless determination produced a true success story as in the play ‘art reflects life’.

There is a force behind this musical works that wants to propel its powerful message forward and it is unstoppable.

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